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[He's got a few people to call, so he'll start with the one he was on fair terms with -- well, until what happened happened.

Oh hey, she does have a last name after all.]

Mrs. Prochainezo? I was hoping I could speak to you at some point.
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Ah. My, er. Apologies. I wasn't aware you two were related until just now. Not that that, ah... makes things any better.
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Yes. Right.

[Just have a long pause, Rey. That's him on the other side, trying to gather his thoughts -- as though he hasn't had plenty of time for that.]

I want to apologize for what happened. I'm sorry.
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It's not something that's easily controlled, unfortunately.

I haven't yet had the chance to call the others. Even so, I should offer to make amends to all three of you.
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She just loves her fam, man.

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[That threat apparently hit home, as he sounds shaken when he responds.]

I will, but note that it's not my intention to throw them into danger idly.

[And it looks like he got some gumption somewhere.]

... So I'd appreciate it if you kept the threats to yourself. I've had enough of them in my lifetime.

[Probably not the best time to stand up for himself, but he'll learn.]
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[There's an audible sigh on his end. That'd be him reminding himself he's in the wrong here, and thus needs to cool it.]


I am still to make amends to you. What can I do to help right this?
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[The ship. Why the ship? Why did it have to be the ship?]

Of course. When you need me, let me know, and I will aid you in any way I can.

[He's been avoiding the thought of exploring it further, trying to ignore that nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he should go back there... and yet, here he is, agreeing to go there again.

He has amends to make, despite his reservations.]
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[He was wondering if she had hung up on him, but apparently not.]

I cannot say I'd have blamed you too harshly if you had, but I appreciate that you didn't. A dead man cannot make amends for his sins.
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It is both where I come from. And more.
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[He hesitates before answering.]

Because what awaits me after death is worse.
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[More hesitation. He does not want to talk about this, but is well aware he put himself in this position by wronging her and her husband brother? family in the first place.]

I am damned to an existence of purposeless wandering. There is no rest for the weary, nor the wicked.
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I have purpose as long as I am alive, but... [There's a quiet, rueful laugh on his end.] I do see your point.
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And as long as I am alive, I can make amends.

I'll call the others, and be ready for when you'd like to head into the ship, then?
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Right. Okay.

[Hanging up now, before he says anything that digs that hole deeper. Click.]