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☏ [HADRIEL] ic inbox

CODE   🔋 12:01 AM

House 1401

"not here right now.
leave a message. will get back to you soon. probably."


NOTE: As of December 2016, Rey has adopted the alias Fiona Stransky.
Something to keep in mind for anyone attempting to contact her via Guard means,
since "Fiona" will not be a registered ID outside of the Guard records.
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Would that be a problem?
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Unless you have anything heavier-duty I could borrow, that was the plan.

I'm sure I can find a travelling companion if you think it's set to Nightmare! mode. Or would you like to come along?
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[Sato's still not entirely sure about Rey, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.]

I'll meet you at Sorrow's temple, then. See you soon.