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Name: Rey
Others: Subject FREYJA, Fiona Coffey, “the Salamander”, etc.
Age: In [community profile] ataraxion, she is now well passed her 100s (though her official government records state she is 29-years-old, so appearance-wise we go with that)
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Ascent > Chapter 3 (Deranged);
Ascent > Chapter 22 (The Salamander);
Storm > Chapter 14 (Three Steps);
Storm > Chapter 40 (No Way Out but Through);
Number: SEC » 001 » 056

“Now we are no longer wolves. We are dogs, the servants of men.
Keep alive, man! When man dies we becomes wolves again.”
— Sherwood Anderson; Death in the Woods

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

(Yeah, I know. It's weird for me to say that, too.)
{If you want more basic info on Rey, go here.}

Rey is a Piece, one of the first in a line of cybernetic biomechatronical weapons, and of the few distributed to imitate human appearance and behavior by Project Seraphim. Most Pieces were intended to be controlled almost entirely by the HEIMDALL satellites, a series of surveillance mechanisms that float around Earth’s orbit. However, after the satellites were launched while infected with a virus by the GRIGORI Program in 2100, most of the units created by Project Seraphim have been infected and controlled by the quantum processor.

Before that, however, many of the units were intended to act as guardians for active soldiers during the Long Winter wars before being compromised by the GRIGORI Program. Having been offline at the time, Rey is left as the only one of two Pieces that has not been affected by the infection. The other being her twin, Orion Gideon.

The words “You are a vessel — you are born to die” have been her mantra since the day she was born. To Rey it means that, no matter what, her life is not her own. That she was created to serve, rather than to live. As such, she was intended to be utilized as a tool for combat, and a potentially disposable one at that, given how easily recoverable her data (or soul, as the lines between the two are a little blurred) can be extracted from one body/vessel to another.

Due to the nature of her coding, Rey has a very precarious personality. Prone to risks of dangerous outbursts and almost suicidal tendencies, her barbarous urges are kept at bay by the suppression of much older memories. These feelings are deep-rooted into her nature, originally stemming from the self-hatred of her father-creator, Lucas Coffey — to the forgiving nature of her mother-creator, Undine Stransky.

As part of the mechanism which keeps her personality somewhat compliant to orders that are given to her, all of Rey’s identities are initially programmed to believe that she is human, not a biomechatronic creation. Having been implemented with a variety of memories over the course of nearly a century, Rey has thought herself to be the daughter of drunks, drug addicts, murderers, dead beats, and child molesters — anything to detach herself from any desire to connect with anything remotely akin to familial attachments, or even begin to question it. To her, the military was the closest thing to a family, though even they were kept at arm’s length. Even though she had been born to fight with soldiers as a soldier, she doesn’t really share in their disposition, oftentimes to alienate her from forming close friendships with her comrades.

Only the name of “Agent Tremond” rang anywhere close to something of a father to her (albeit an absent/abusive one. No one ever claimed the relationship was perfect). For everyone’s safety, Gregory Tremond (another Piece) believed it was for everyone’s safety that she be separated from Lucas Coffey, who thought her to have been destroyed.

As far as interacting with other people, Rey can come off as detached at first. If you prove useful to her, she may find a reason to keep you around. Once her humanity starts picking up, she’s quicker to roll with the punches during social situations. If the occasion call for it, she may even develop a sense of humor, though her funny bone might be somewhat (read as: severely) lacking. Anyone sane can usually tell that there’s something not right with her.

Trust is a big issue here. There are only few people who she has grown to fully trust, and there are only either superior officers in the military, her creator (Lucas Coffey), or her influencer (Gregory Tremond). Having never really interacted with “normal” people outside of the military before, she doesn’t know how to deal with civilians, let alone children. This, of course, has come to change over time. But she’s always a soldier first, a civvy second, and does not give two flying shits about first impressions for the life of her. Her brute honesty and lack of mental filters might be off-putting to some, as she doesn’t hold any reservations when speaking her mind. This has proven to be another tactic she uses to push people away, because she’s not doing anyone favors by being blunt — it’s specifically to alienate herself from others even further. And it’s damn confusing when she finds that it doesn’t always work.

That said, finding an emotional attachment to someone is difficult for her, and not one that she easily finds. Despite her honesty and “open book” policy, she doesn’t abide by it out of trust of the other person. Instead, this is intended to keep most people at an emotional distance. Perhaps it is possible that, while her mind had been scraped repeatedly of past lives, the impression of those experiences remain deep-rooted into her memory. She’s not afraid of physical contact, though if it becomes an unwanted approach she may consciously and unconsciously allow her skin to overheat and burn the other person (think how bad it hurts placing your hand over a stove turned on high). In some cases, as soon as someone starts getting close she is apt to act out in ways that can be considered tactless and even cruel.

Just because it’s difficult, however, does not mean that it’s impossible for Rey to make any kind of connection with another person. If she finds one, or a reason to connect with a person, she has a way of latching onto them in her own way — almost possessively. Despite being surrounded by death most of her life, she doesn’t handle losing people very well, and tends to retreat into her own self for a while in order to cope with the loss.

Even her ways of expressing affection is somewhat less than conventional. When she perceives someone as weak, she becomes fiercely protective in a way that can come off as condescending or humiliating to the other person. If she perceives that person to be strong, she has no reservations about putting them in harm’s way, or allowing them to be in danger as it’s kind of her way of showing that she has faith in their abilities to survive.

The fact that she had issues with feeling remorse or shame was always a problem to her creators. It made her too variable, and barely set her apart from a gun (save for the fact that she possesses sentience). Like many other things in regards to her personality, however, there is always the likelihood for change, as Rey is vulnerable to emotional development depending on mental strain.

Though there are not many things that Rey seems to enjoy in life, she does have a notable fondness for opera. Seeing as it had been the one thing to soothe her during her moments of psychopathy, the music is the calm to her storm. The aria Dido’s Lament (and La mama morta as well) takes a more exceptional hold on her mood changes, in what can be considered both positive and negative. Positive in that it was the aria most associated with her mother figure, Dr. Undine Stransky. Negative in the fact that it (used to) trigger a psychotic break programmed into her brain by a certain government researcher during the days of Project Seraphim, Jonathan Quayle.

In 2056, Dr. Undine Stransky had diagnosed FREYJA with what was then called “destructive personality disorder” (DPD for short). This entails her obedience and docile nature that would eventually plummet into a disturbed psychosis with dangerous and unpredictable predilections. Refer to the above link for more details. However, at this point Rey has been cured of her DPD, though believes that the risk of another psychotic break is always a potential risk.

Update: During the events of Seraphim Ascent, Rey had suffered a psychotic break that resulted in self-destruction. Unable to fight her DPD for fear of reverting back to her crazed state, she was willing to sacrifice her own body and mind in order to protect people she had come to care for.

Two years later, after her body had been recovered by her father, he was able to reassemble her vessel. Deciding that it would help her to overcome her DPD, Lucas Coffey restored Rey’s memories. This includes her former life as FREYJA, and all of her other lives later spent in the military.

That said, she remembers the events after her creation, as well as how she had spent several decades going on suicide missions, dying repeatedly and being transferred into several different bodies. The memories of those previous lives she had lived is a struggle, as she constantly wars with which ones are real and which had been fabricated while she had been under the employ of Gregory Tremond.

On the plus side, Lucas had mended Rey’s vessel in various ways. Her senses are now restored: Prior to that, Gregory Tremond, who had her killed during a variety of suicide missions, had messed with her “programming”. Rey’s sense of taste was messed up. Natalie Faust had helped repair some of that over the course of her time on the Tranquility, but the proper restoration of her senses in this canon update will fix it entirely. Food will not taste rotten to her anymore, allowing her to actually enjoy the experience of eating and drinking. Think about going for a long period of time without being able to eat your favorite food, and the only kind you’re allowed to eat are bland and tasteless meals. Then, after so long, you’re finally able to enjoy a dish you’ve been deprived of. Now imagine having been deprived of that your whole life. That’s what Rey’s relationship with food is like now, and she takes every opportunity she can take to gracelessly stuff her face.

Rey has been forced to take a step back and reexamine how she’s always done things. Her monstrous behavior of both distant and recent history has resulted in guilt and dismay. In fact, shortly after her memories have been restored, she throws a full out tantrum in Lucas Coffey’s lab, breaks his skull open, and spends the next four years having a mental breakdown. In spite of this, she will be able to experience emotions better, as she’s had them before but never really knew what to do with them, due to being emotionally stunted for so many decades. For the most part, her guilt complex has resulted in her desperately wanting to seek redemption.

Some things haven’t changed. She still says what’s on her mind and seriously gives no fucks about what people think of her. She is a monster and she knows this — she’s even embraced it. What she doesn’t want is to do more harm than she’s already done. She just acts incredibly moody and aggressive about it. She is, at heart, an agent who has been raised to serve no other purpose but to fight. When there’s no war to be fought, she doesn’t really know what to do with herself. But she is nearly a century old, and much of that knowledge (even the false memories) and experience carries over with her.

At this point, it’s safe to say that the main reason Rey keeps her filter down is because she plays up her ignorance to those around her. She’s more knowledgeable about things than she lets on, and isn’t entirely stupid when it comes to life, the universe, and everything. She may even come off as inconsistent because she relies on the whole “I am a robot so I don’t understand things” as a gimmick, so she’s less inclined to worry about hurting people when they try to get too close to her.

When her memories had been restored, Rey experienced the greatest pain she had ever imagined. It was nothing like a gut wound or being blown to bits. It was much worse than that. What she experienced was regret, anger, emotional anguish that she had kept stored in the back of her conscience. All of that came pouring in the moment Lucas Coffey opened those floodgates, which ended up in her suffering a psychotic break. Although she has been “rehabilitated” and is safe to interact with members of society, it’s safe to say that there are certain risks that bring her sanity to question.



Coming from a military background, Rey tends to hold a very “at attention” posture, so she tends to carry herself all stiff and rigid (she even sleeps while either standing up or sitting down, hardly ever lying on her back).

She has mahogany brown hair with some flecks of gray, often short and unstylish in the way that it seems as though she cuts it herself. Forest green eyes. Her complexion is golden peach. She bears the appearance of a woman of Irish descent, and stands at approximately 5’7”.

Rey is distinguished by the scars on her face. On her left cheek: A cross about an inch under her eye, and another horizontal that comes up from under her chin. On her right cheek: A diagonal scar a couple inches below her other eye, across the side of her forehead, and another vertical one coming up from her chin to her jaw. The scars actually appear to be purposefully inflicted and not accidental.

Usually concealed by the miracle that is clothing are more bodily scars: A stab wound in her right shoulder, another across her chest (over one and under her other breast).

Her hands are particularly calloused and coarse.

More often than not she wears reddish-brown, earthy green, black, and white tanktops, and/or a sleeveless hooded vest. When she does cover her arms (though she does prefer not to because fuck sleeves man, sleeves are for squares), she wears a black jacket. She switches back and forth between jeans and cargo pants, preferring the latter for the utility pockets.

Whether it’s a knife or a firearm, she generally has some form of weapon on her persons. Approach with caution.

In-game, she has lost three fingers on her right hand which had left the middle, ring, and pinky finger down to the final digit. She can still fire a gun with it, if not with a mite more difficulty.

Additionally, she has gained a few more bodily scars due to incidents on the Tranquility, including some on her left knuckle.

After her most recent canon update from the end of Book Two, Seraphim Storm (Chapter 40: No Way Out but Through), Rey came back sporting some new scars: A horizontal knife wound in her throat. Some scars from glass in her hands, arms, and various others from bodily injuries, including a deep gash across her lower back. She also returned with significantly shorter hair, after burning it all off in a “little fire mishap”. After a three month time-skip, however, she’ll have at least three inches of hair back on her head (think: pixie cut!), and it’ll continue at a fairly fast rate over time.

(Note: I was previously Jena Malone as her PB, though I’m slowly weeding her out of my icon roster.)

Current Living Situation:
001 » 056. Nope, that room is actually all burnt up and destroyed. Do not enter. (001 » 057, the next room over, is in a similar condition.)
The Oxygen Gardens. Good ole Netherlands has convinced her to move into a room so they can at least share the same deck.
002 » 014... sort of. Although Rey is less likely to be found there. You’re more likely to catch her sleeping elsewhere around the second passenger deck.
40th deck. Temporarily roomed with Sophie Groeneveldt.
PLANETFALL: Camped out a half mile away from the crash site, "living" in that area with Firo Prochainezo. → more info