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Name: Rey
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: From the beginning of Seraphim.
Number: 001 » 056

“Every kind of ignorance in the world all results from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles. We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it, we don’t even know we are making an interpretation most of the time. We think this is reality.”
– Robert Anton Wilson

Setting + History

Rey can be summed up as the dictionary definition of misguided, with a history of mental instability and random fluxes of temperament. While on the surface she can compose a calm demeanor, extreme circumstances can cause her to become a loose cannon, leaving her as unreliable as much as she is unpredictable. Her anger is her most notable trait, resulting in violent outbursts that more often than not become disastrous.

Rey is a Piece, the first faction of machines and one of the few distributed to imitate human appearance and behavior. They are controlled almost entirely by the HEIMDALL satellites, a series of surveillance mechanisms that float around Earth’s orbit. Many of them were intended to act as guardians for soldiers on the field during the Long Winter wars, until most of them became infected and compromised by the GRIGORI program in the year 2100. Having been offline at the time, Rey is left as the only one of two Pieces that have not been affected by the GRIGORI program’s infection.

Due to the nature of her coding, Rey has a very precarious personality. Prone to risks of dangerous outbursts and homicidal tendencies, her barbarous urges are kept at bay by the suppression of older memories. These feelings are deep-rooted into her system, stemming from the self-hatred of her creator, Lucas Coffey. Because of this, she strived on a subconscious spur to bring everything he cherished to ruin, including Lucas Coffey’s family and the entire project which created her.

As part of the mechanism which keeps her personality somewhat compliant, Rey is initially programmed to believe that she is human, not a machine. Having been implemented with a variety of memories over the course of nearly a century, Rey has thought herself to be the spawn of drunks, drug addicts, murderers, dead beats, and child molesters — anything to detach herself from any desire to connect with anything remotely akin to familial attachments, or even begin to question it. To her, the military was her family, with only the name of “Agent Tremond” as being something of a father (albeit an absent one. No one ever claimed it was perfect). For everyone’s safety, she was separated from Lucas Coffey and eventually sent away.

Due to her false humanity, Rey is equally susceptible to post traumatic stress syndrome as a person would be, if not more vulnerable. Traumatic events have a way of embedding into her coding, which causes her psyche to plummet faster than normal. Events that may trigger these incidents will accelerate the reset protocol in reverse.

As far as interacting with other people, Rey can at first come off as cold, oftentimes brushing them aside. If you prove useful to her, she may find a reason to keep you around. Once her humanity starts picking up, she’s quicker to roll with the punches during social situations. If the occasion call for it, she may even develop a sense of humor, though her funny bone might be somewhat (read as: severely) lacking. Give her a break, she tries.

Trust is a big issue here. There are only few people who she has grown to fully trust, and there are only either superior officers in the military, her creator (Lucas Coffey), or her influencer (Gregory Tremond). She doesn’t do well with civilians, and might not even reflect in her eye; she might be prone to walking by a person without even noticing them, unless ordered otherwise. This, of course, is also liable to change over time. But she’s always a soldier first, a civvy second, and does not give two flying shits about first impressions for the life of her. Her brute honesty and lack of mental filters might be off-putting to some, as she doesn’t hold any reservations when speaking her mind.

That said, finding an emotional attachment to someone is difficult for her, and not one that she easily finds. Despite her honesty and “open book” policy, she keeps people at arm’s length. Perhaps it is possible that, while her mind had been scraped over and over of past lives, the impression of those experiences remain deep-rooted into her memory. She does not take physical contact kindly, and liable to lash out angrily at those who attempt to grab her against her will. In fact, the reason she keeps her filter off and speaks her mind is likely because she does what she can to push people further away, and as soon as someone starts getting close she is apt to act out in ways that can be considered tactless and even cruel.

Just because it’s difficult, however, does not mean that it’s impossible for Rey to make any kind of connection with another person. If she finds one, or a reason to connect with a person, she has a way of latching onto them in her own way — almost possessively. Despite being surrounded by death most of her life, she doesn’t handle losing people very well, and typically resorts to a constant state of denial when dealing with loss.

Even her ways of expressing affection is somewhat less than conventional. When she perceives someone as weak, she becomes protective in a way that can come off as condescending or humiliating to the other person. If she perceives that person to be strong, she has no reservations about putting them in harms way, or allowing them to be in danger as it’s kind of her way of showing that she has faith in their abilities to survive.

The fact that she had issues with feeling remorse or shame was always a problem to her creators. It made her too variable, and barely set her apart from the other Piece golems, save for the fact that she possessed sentience. Like many other things in regards to her personality, however, there is always the likelihood for change, as Rey is vulnerable to emotional development depending on mental strain.

Though there are not many things that Rey seems to enjoy in life, she does have a notable fondness for opera. Seeing as it had been the one thing to soothe her during her moments of psychopathy, the music is the calm to her storm. The aria Dido’s Lament (and La mama morta as well) takes a more exceptional hold on her mood changes, in what can be considered both positive and negative. Positive in that it was the aria most associated with her mother figure, Dr. Undine Stransky. Negative in the fact that it triggers certain memories pertaining to Jonathan Quayle’s questionable advances and proclamations of “love” during her life as Freyja (Rey’s old designation).

In 2056, Dr. Undine Stransky had diagnosed Freyja with what was then called “destructive personality disorder” (DPD for short). This entails her obedience and docile nature that would eventually plummet into a disturbed psychosis with dangerous and unpredictable predilections. Refer to the above link for more details.

When Rey arrives on the Tranquility, she will remain permanently in phase two until further development (and/or moderator permission is granted).

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations + Appearance:


Age: 91 years old, but due to her biotic structure, she is both physically (and mentally) in her late 20s.

Log Sample:
She has had dreams much like this one before. It’s nothing new to her. She hears it like clockwork. Her body shuts down. Her mind aware. She hears. She listens. She feels all things around her. Their voices and words.

The world lives. She dies.

Life moves on.

The city fades. Memory surrenders to the present, and she is here.

However to define the “here”, part — another conundrum. One that she had no intention of cracking anytime soon. She was tired. Her body needed rest, or so her mind had told her. Two forces acted as separate entities, however that might have been. What began as a lullaby leading into dreams turned into a battle of self-preservation and will driven by nightmares.

From the vacuity, there is a voice.

Get up!

Something is touching her.

No, it is lodged in her throat. Suffocating her. And for some reason, she thinks of a cushion, but in that desperation to survive, another force drives that thought away.

Her eyes are opened. She was not asleep. Her heart, or what felt to be a heart, gave a jolt, sprinting her body to life with a gasp, or what felt to be a gasp. Her final thoughts rested to a city on fire, then banished when her entire being was being jutted outward. Her fiery skin burned, almost sticking to the surface which she was hurled on.

Coughing and choking, her instinctive reaction was to lash out at the source of whatever had been touching her — cramming down her throat. When the spinning had stopped, and this awkward, discombobulated sense of jilted awareness remained, she looked up.

No words could make themselves known. For a moment, a very brief moment, she almost wondered if there were words to be found in that voice box of hers, scraped and bloodied by the tube forced down it. Her mind, shaken by an unexpected eruption of energy and almost rage, raced down a line of questions.

Name. What name? How did this happen?

Why why why why why?

As she had thought — at the end, she found nothing. Not even a joke.

At least it wasn’t a morgue this time.

Comms Sample:
[It’s a face.

[Scarred cheek, green eyes — widely staring into the perspective of the camera. Lips are purse. Face pale. She looks sickly, like someone who has been dead for some time. But she’s alive now.

[Realization occurs to her just then. She realizes that she’s missing something. Something that’s important.]

“...I’m naked.”

[No, she isn’t talking about her clothes, either. She is fully in tact with those. Thank god.]