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Your Name: Rev
Character Name: Rey Schuyler
Character Journal: [personal profile] circumitus

New Canon Point: Seraphim Descent (Book II), Chapter 8: Wake The Dead
Reference: Updated history section.

How will this affect your character? In order to override her DPC, Rey will have her memories. This includes her former life as Freyja, and later when she became Rey Schuyler during her time in the military. That said, there will be some definite changes in her personality, as well as physiology. She will remember the events after her creation, as well as how she had spent over seven decades going on suicide missions, dying repeatedly and being transferred into several different bodies. After the events of the first book, Rey had shot herself in the head and had her body sabotaged. However, she was recovered by her creator, Lucas Coffey (or Leland Cleary). He spent two years recovering her memories, including the corrupted and encrypted data in order to transfer Rey's memories into a new and final vessel.

This body is nothing special. Actually, it's practically human. She's slightly lighter for easier mobility, and her senses have been restored (prior to that, Gregory Tremond, who had her killed during a variety of suicide missions, had messed with her "programming". Rey's sense of taste was messed up. Natalie Faust had helped repair some of that in the game, but the new body in this canon update will fix the rest. Food will not taste rotten to her anymore, allowing her to eat and drink as normal).

She will have better understanding and control of her Brísingamen. She even once made use of it to help cauterize an injury after someone had lost his arm, being able to manipulate body heat and all.

As for how this will affect her personality, it will change her a great deal. Rey has been forced to take a step back and seriously reexamine how she's always done things. Her recent monstrous behavior, in game and in her canon, has resulted in her feeling actual regret and dismay for the kind of person she is. In fact, soon as her memories are restored in canon, she goes and throws a full out tantrum in Lucas Coffey's lab. Her speech patterns will be less robotic and automatic-sounding, more like a person. She will be able to understand emotions better, as she's had them before but never really knew what to do with them, due to being stunted by her programming. To anyone she has wronged, she will attempt to adamantly make up for her errors. Rey's mental filter will still be a bit off, as she says what's on her mind and seriously gives no fucks about what people think of her. She is a monster and she knows this. What she doesn't want to do is do more harm than she's already done. She just acts incredibly moody and aggressive about it. She is, at heart, a soldier who has been raised to serve no other purpose but to fight. This leaves her prone to violent and angry outbursts, which is the strongest feeling she has other than feeling empty and confused. But she is nearly a century old, and much of that knowledge (even the false memories) and experience carries over with her. This makes matters more frustrating for her, though at least she's no longer under the risk of DPC.

Additionally, there will be a six-year time gap between her canon update. In that time, Rey had been physically recovered and mentally restored. Her memories of the Tranquility will take about a week or so for her to be able to remember her life on the ship. Happy camper, she won't be.


Item Requested:
- (1) military dogtags belonging to "R. Schuyler"
- (1) an assortment of opera tapes (for her player)
- (1) red evening dress
Intended Purpose: Rey's got identity issues still, dealing with the many lives and memories that she's currently got bunched in her head. The dogtags will give her some solidity, at least. The music and dress are just some nice things that will make her feel a little happy. A rarity.
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