circumitus: Seriously. Its 80 proof rum that was 8 bucks for a liter. I'm afraid. (you don't want any of i have)
2012-12-02 03:58 am

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[PSYCH PROFILE] Subject Freyja (Q-056)
SUMMARY: Project's mental health notes on Subject Q-056, who would later be called Rey. Events take place nearly 100 years prior to Seraphim ASCENT.

Von der grossen Sehnsucht
SUMMARY: Of the Great Longing.
Massive NSFW TRIGGER WARNING for sexual content.

SUMMARY: As she thought, in the end she had nothing.

Bird Song
SUMMARY: Held him down, broke his neck, taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

I'm Not Me
SUMMARY: Consider this a final gift to you.