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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote 2015-03-22 01:54 am (UTC)

The Orphans

  • Charlotte Tremond (forever 8 years)
    The First. Marcus Tremond's daughter, and the first of the Sons and Daughters. She acts as a carrier of the virus, even long after her body is disposed of. Leland Knowles had attempted to drown her to death after she had attacked her father, but she rose back from the basin and has haunted her killer ever since. She bears pale features, bulging eyes, and a disfigured jaw; her skin is blue from suffocation.

  • Caitlin Sullivan (forever 11 years)
    The Second. After the death of her entire family, Caitlin was the only one who seemed to be making a recovery from the panacea virus. If you could consider "brain dead" to be a recovery. Well, Leland thought that he was making some progress with her in any case, but then Caitlin started to digress into the same violent state as the others affected by the virus. Furthermore, her mutation was horrifying and grotesque. Leland gave her a drink of water that was poisoned, and attempted to kill her. She bears a sickly appearance and bloodshot eyes, her pupils perpetually dilated.

  • Isaac Molone (forever 13 years)
    The Third. Another subject that had seemed to bear some weight of promises. Much like Caitlin and Marcus Tremond himself, Isaac Molone also bore some semblances to adapting to the panacea virus. Before long, however, he was transformed, and grew increasingly more violent, going so far as to nearly biting Leland's throat out. Leland quickly put Isaac Molone down, throwing him into a pyre with the rest of his family's bodies. He bears the grotesque appearance of a burn victim, bald and blind, he sightlessly thrashes about.

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