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canon update

Your Name: Revu
Character Name: Rey
Character Journal: [personal profile] circumitus

New Canon Point: End of Book Two (Seraphim Storm); Chapter 40: No Way Out but Through (after Rey stows away on a prison ship to try and save some friends who got their asses captured)
Reference: I’ve updated the history section to save space and sanity.

How will this affect your character?
If past events has been any indicator, Rey has always exhibited a nature that borders on self-destruction, going so far as to hardly acknowledge her own self as a being. “I am not a person” has been a mantra that unsurprisingly caused friends a great deal of frustration. This mentality was not only a product of the years she had spent practically quarantined from most human interaction, but reliving old memories that had since gone array and the fact that she is a vessel carrying several memories, some debatably her own, others are fabricated identities. While she is internally still at war with acceptance her own personhood, her self-destructive tendencies have changed with her mission-driven mentality. When running headlong into precarious situations it is not to destroy herself, but to defend others and survive. It’s that new outlook as well as her need to be a protector that has become her raison d’être, almost making her a better soldier than she ever was.

Similarly, at this point in the canon Rey had been faced with a need to atone for all the things she had done (her present as well as her past incarnations), going so far as to throwing herself into a fray without a care for her own wellbeing. After a series of reckless displays, it isn’t until one of the aforementioned people she had brought pain to finally told her that enough was enough. That she needs to stop living for the sake of others and work on trying to confront her own bullshit. Paradoxically, Rey had been selfish in her supposed selfless acts of martyrdom, fringing more on suicidal inclinations. While it’s not the first time Rey has been urged to try and live for herself, it slaps her in the face when it’s finally brought to her attention by someone she had hurt. Although she is still trying to compute this perspective that had plagued her for years, it would effectively hit its way home with time.

During the brief few months spent dealing with matters back home, Rey would feel surprisingly comfortable upon her return despite having left in the midst of a perilous state. (In a way, the fear of failing the people she cares about, especially her imprisoned brother, is what keeps her reassured to be back on the ship.) This in turn would allow her concentrate more on her current objectives, rather than obsessing over the things she cannot even change.

Appearance-wise, she’d be sporting some new scars: A horizontal knife wound in her throat. Some scars from glass in her hands, arms, and various others from bodily injuries, including a deep gash across her lower back.
(I am not sure if she would be able to recover the missing fingers she lost on the Cyllene with this canon update. Let me know if that would be a thing?)
She would also be returning with significantly shorter hair, after burning it all off in a “little fire mishap”. After a three month time-skip, however, she’ll have at least three inches of hair back on her head (think: pixie cut!), and it’ll continue at a fairly fast rate over time.

Eight Lives: In the previous canon update, Rey experienced what can basically be called a “full system restoration”. Essentially one can say that her various bodies (vessels) is the hardware, and the individual identities and memories to make her seem more like-human is software. When given a new body, her “self” would be transferred over with new memories, new identity, while the previous one is seemingly “rewritten”. Though it turns out that her old selves aren’t rewritten, so much as stored away in an encrypted file. Once this “file” was decrypted in her previous canon update, all of those old lives (and deaths) came back to her. As a result, she had spent several years in a state of temporary insanity, which she had returned to the Tranquility in the process of recovering from. At that point, her memories were erratic, and at times causing her to mentally flip into a previous life without warning. This improved during her time spent in the game, in which she is capable of adopting the speech and mannerisms of one of her previous incarnations. In canon, she has developed a deeper connection with her memories, accepting all of them as a part of who she is. This further complicates her identity crisis, but hey. She is dealing.

Brísingamen: Before, Rey’s control over her ability to manipulate heat and fire was sketchy at best, but she didn’t have a full handle on it. At this point in her canon, she is able to not only summon heat strong enough to cause her body to burst to blame, but she is also able to withdraw the flames back into her body. This ability to absorb extreme heat and fire that her body emits has been dubbed “fire eating”. Due to developing a better, more intimate connection with her previous lives, she has also gained the information needed to have a better handle on her own energy. Exertion will still cause her to overcharge and lose control of the fire, though.

Exurosuit: A modified heatsuit made out of Nano-Kevlar; designed specifically for Rey during the lives she had spent as Schmidt and Safronov (see Eight Lives for more detail), that way she won’t risk repeatedly burning all her clothes off.
Utilizing specialized technology that focuses on the communication with her hefty cybernetic skeleton and the vessel, the Exurosuit is capable of transmitting and amplifying the heat energy provided by the Brísingamen within her body to the surface of the suit. It is also built with an internal cooling system (especially around her head), allowing her to easily absorb heat when setting fire to herself.
The Exurosuit is tight fitting and entirely black, with some light indicators around the feet, stomach, back, shoulders, and neck. The indicators remain unlit until the Brísingamen energy is activated, flaring the lights up into a deep red, glowing brighter depending on the amount of heat radiating from the vessel. The spinal region of the suit contains the function allowing headgear to retract and seal at the command of the wearer, allowing for extra cranial protection. Printed on the upper back of the suit is a salamander.
It was designed by Gregory Tremond, who had discarded an older prototype in the abandoned research facility where Rey had been “born”. She is now in possession of the Exurosuit prototype. As it is not a completed version of the heatsuit, it has a risk of overheating, damaging it to the point of disrepair.
Character Name: Rey

Item Requested: Exurosuit prototype.
Intended Purpose: See above. She won’t be wearing it a whole lot (it’s a prototype and not particularly comfortable because ew, sleeves... Also the fact that it was utilized by two versions of herself that are really kind of horrible people also doesn’t help make her feel any more inclined to put the thing on any more than necessary), it may be useful for her somewhere down the line. If she doesn’t accidentally overcharges it first, that is.