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✘ cr chart @ [community profile] hadriel

Nick Valentine @ [personal profile] synthedick

"may have dug him up from the ground and regretted it immediately, but i sure as hell don't regret it now. no matter what the synthetics have done in my own world, i can't hate him. dammit, i don't want to hate him. he's the closest thing to family i've got in this damned place. makes me feel like i'm not so alone, after all.


Firo Prochainezo @ [personal profile] foundafamily

"neighbor, friend, though evidently we were close enough to be family in some other world, and i think i can see why now. a little stubborn for his own good, but that may be what makes him so hard to dislike. not a bad guy for an immortal gangster, but i'm not one to judge. all things considered, he's the better person.

he's been through some shit and i do feel that i understand him a little better in that regard. no matter what happens, i'm pretty sure he'll have my back."

Muscovy @ [personal profile] muscovy

"didn't get off on the right foot when he started following me home calling me his mother. even if that were the case in this other world he's from, i'm not equipped to take that on responsibility. not now. i can't.

he probably deserves better, anyway."

Ivan Braginsky/Russia @ [personal profile] romanovs



"pretty. nice. owns a couple hyenas. have grown fond of her, and she the same for some reason. don't know why she likes me, or what she even sees in me. perhaps she thinks the same thing, though. don't know. just something about her.

she makes me calm."

Maketh Tua @ [personal profile] mismanagement

"control freak. attractive. also military, though more of a bureaucrat. think we even get along all right. seems to think she's more likable when she's drunk, but she's not so bad.

have grown to really like her. worry about her, though."

Cecily Trevelyan @ [personal profile] closerift

"met her on the first day, and shares in contempt with the gods. potential source of information and alliance that could prove useful."


"an interesting man with a familiar collection of cybernetics. corporate slave who needs to learn to think for himself. also has an artificial intelligence of a megalomaniac psychopath in his head that he should be more focused on getting rid of than he actually is."

Sharon Da Silva @ [personal profile] unitas

"dug her up from the ground, and the rest is history. she seems nice, even if she probably doesn't think so herself. even seems to believe in me for some reason. can't really fault her for her judgment. because, honestly, how many people here know the real me?

though we have our disagreements about this place, she's all right. even returned the favor by digging me out of the ground a year later. funny how that works out."

Glacius @ [personal profile] glacius

"ice alien. antisocial. wary of people. suppose us non-humans have to stick together or something like that. really don't think he deserves to be here."

Carlisle Longinmouth @ [personal profile] tongueamok

"didn't believe him at first, but apparently we knew each other in another reality, along with muscovy and a different version of firo. something to do with a ship that crashed landed on an alien planet or something like that. high strung, talkative, diligent note-taker. not so crazy, it turns out. helpful, even."

"Sato" @ [personal profile] infinite1up

"still don't know what to make of this guy. the weird smiles, the pleasantries, and the way he brushes off the pain of dying like a papercut more than anything else is odd ('healthy living' my ass). he's immortal, but think it's more than that.

probably has something to do with the fact that he's a fucking murderous psychopath."

Ushahin Dreamspinner @ [personal profile] ushahin

"got into my head in ways that aren't appreciated. but then, how many people do appreciate having their mind stripped open and laid bare for one to see? hurt himself more in the end when he saw the 'salamander' in its cage. probably enough to scare the piss out of anyone. can't help but feel sorry for him."

Sans @ [personal profile] skelebro

"skeleton from a place called 'the underground'. stand-up comedian or some shit like that. makes terrible jokes.
unsurprisingly, there's more to him than that constant smile plastered to his skull face.

prying, presumptuous asshole when it came to matters of love and Love, so he can fuck himself for all i care."


"found them sleeping in the laundry room and might have freaked them out with snail facts via brain parasites.

quiet, but a good kid, even if they don't think so. am concerned for them. think they need help in a way that most normal people don't know how. but i do."

Alphys @ [personal profile] sciencelizard

"weird lizard lady. very nervous. stutters a lot. strange. sort of adorable when you think about it."

Regis Lucis Caelum CVIII @ [personal profile] kingslight

"well-spoken royalty guy. very dramatic. think we get along fine."

Paladin Danse @ [personal profile] manofmettle


guy from nick's world, though very hostile towards synths. from some tech-hoarding faction called the brotherhood of steel, which seem to have a personal vendetta against synthetics since it sounds like some shit went down. hard to resent him for what he did when i'm no better than he is."



Hanako 'Rosalina' Nurumi @ [personal profile] hasitsthorns

"can trip on a shithill and die.

well, she did apologize for being a little motherfucker, so she can't be all that bad."

Dr. Marian Tenebris @ [personal profile] einselective