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✘ profile [HADRIEL]

Name: Rey
Alias: Fiona Stransky, “the Salamander”, etc.
Age: 98 (physically in her late-20s)
Canon: OC; The Project SERAPHIM Series
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Storm ➤ Chapter 40 (No Way Out but Through);
Pinion ➤ Chapter 36 (The World is Gonna Change Us);

“Now we are no longer wolves. We are dogs, the servants of men.
Keep alive, man! When man dies we becomes wolves again.”
— Sherwood Anderson; Death in the Woods

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

{If you want more basic info on Rey, go here.}

Coming from a military background, Rey tends to hold a very “at attention” posture, so she tends to carry herself all stiff and rigid (she even sleeps while either standing up or sitting down, hardly ever lying on her back).

She has mahogany brown hair with some flecks of gray, often short and unstylish in the way that it seems as though she cuts it herself. Forest green eyes. Her complexion is golden peach. She bears the appearance of a woman of Irish descent, and stands at approximately 5’7”.

Rey is distinguished by the scars on her face. On her left cheek: A cross about an inch under her eye, and another horizontal that comes up from under her chin. On her right cheek: A diagonal scar a couple inches below her other eye, across the side of her forehead, and another vertical one coming up from her chin to her jaw. The scars actually appear to be purposefully inflicted and not accidental.

Usually concealed by the miracle that is clothing are more bodily scars: A stab wound in her right shoulder, another across her chest (over one and under her other breast).

Her hands are particularly calloused and coarse.

More often than not she wears reddish-brown, earthy green, black, and white tanktops, and/or a sleeveless hooded vest. When she does cover her arms (though she does prefer not to because fuck sleeves man, sleeves are for squares), she wears a black jacket. She switches back and forth between jeans and cargo pants, preferring the latter for the utility pockets.

Whether it’s a knife or a firearm, she generally has some form of weapon on her persons. Approach with caution.

Additional scars: A horizontal knife wound in her throat. Some scars from glass in her hands, arms, and various others from bodily injuries, including a deep gash across her lower back.