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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote2017-02-20 04:54 pm

the hadriel hellneko atsume

OKAY SO I have this weird idea that could work either as an event or eventual Door critters, which is why I'm leaving this here because I figured I'd let you guys decide if this whole thing is kosher:

Basically the deal is a Neko Atsume-styled event based around "cats" that look like this. Instead of having cute, cuddly little felines, they would be more akin to these cracked out CATastrophes.

One possibility is that they could come in through the Door with other arrivals. Some could be friendly and others more vicious, or they could all be friendly or all be vicious and attack everyone and their poor perfectly normal-looking dog.

The other possibility is one of the gods make them, either on purpose of a botched mistake either by their own doing or another's tampering (i.e. say Delight wants to cheer everyone up and who doesn't love kittens?! Except she messes it up because what are kittens??? -- or someone like Confusion/Fear tampers with them to make them look like a cross between a cute fuzzy kitty and an eldritch abomination instead).

How they get in the city is entirely up to you guys. Either way, I figure that over time these cats could show up at people's houses expecting food, sometimes maybe even finding one nestled in their sink, pantry, or living area (wherever).

Like the jabberjays, it'd be nice to have some non-violent critters that can be found and interacted with in the city, though. Again, I'll leave their friendliness levels and how they show up for you guys to decide if you like this concept and want to use it!