Jan. 8th, 2016

circumitus: Because you're marine grade... You rascal. (you need 400 proof or marine proof)
Name: Rey
Alias: Fiona Stransky, “the Salamander”, etc.
Age: 98 (physically in her late-20s)
Canon: OC; The Project SERAPHIM Series
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Storm ➤ Chapter 40 (No Way Out but Through);
Pinion ➤ Chapter 36 (The World is Gonna Change Us);

“Now we are no longer wolves. We are dogs, the servants of men.
Keep alive, man! When man dies we becomes wolves again.”
— Sherwood Anderson; Death in the Woods

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

{If you want more basic info on Rey, go here.}

you like your girls insane )
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