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Firo Prochainezo ([personal profile] foundafamily) wrote in [personal profile] circumitus 2015-04-27 09:12 pm (UTC)

[text/warning for threats of violence]

[Text, after the jump]

Are you back yet? Are you okay?

[Several similar messages follow]

[Text, a little later]

Rey Did somebody take this from you?

Whoevers reading this if you took this from Rey I'll fucking kill you Where is she

[Text, a little more time later]

If you took this from Rey Im going to skewer you on a rusty pole and throw you to the monsters to let em eat you

It wont be fast

Rey if you're reading this tell me if youre ok

[Text, next day]

Are you okay

[Several more like this follow until he eventually stakes himself out in front of her room.]


Im here can I come in


I made you soup.

[Text, a little while later]

Did you like it?

Also it's still hot. If that even matters for you

Do you want more

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