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[ She's already getting up, and she moves with the elegance of someone who is not very sore but who is very, very tired, which is to say she stands and immediately turns and walks right into a rolling storage container, little sounds of plastic tinkering against each other as Claire curses under her breath. ]

Second deck, room fourteen. Got it. If I find a Chinese place that delivers, I'll send them your way. You can cover the tip, right?

[ She smiles, trying to inject some levity into what is undoubtedly a very stressful situation. Medbay is mayhem. Rey might be able to catch a glimpse or two of it as Claire navigates with the mirror in her palm. She'll certainly be able to hear it. A couple of times, Claire is stopped to chat with someone about something, but after several minutes of jostling around, she's free of the throng. ]

Claire's face returns to the mirror. I'm going to put this in my pocket for a while. Just ping me if you need anything, okay?
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wow great html up there self

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[ It's some time before Claire tries the mirror again. She appears on one of the lifts, cagey and with dark circles under her eyes. It's quiet, which is as disconcerting as it is a relief. The last time she was in a lift was not necessarily the best. She's hardly eager to repeat the experience. ]

What am I looking for, exactly?
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I do, actually. I was a child of the nineties.

[ Which may or may not have meaning, but it's out of her mouth before she has the thought to drag it back. She leans into the corner of the lift, trying to look alert. ]
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[ The corridor on her end is thankfully deserted, though she can hear - and, as a result, Rey probably can, too -the distant rumblings of loud conversation and moving feet. Claire looks back into the mirror. ]

Hold on again. I'll be back.

[ And then she pockets the mirror in order to navigate with more concentration. It's several minutes before she returns, and she's back in the lift when she does. Several minutes to reach Rey's room and determine that the place is too burnt out even for a regen to pick through and several more to determine whether or not she wants to be frank about what's happened. She decides to lie. ]

I can't get to it, I'm sorry. [ To be fair, she really does sound apologetic. ] There's a group of people close by.
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[ Claire looks like she very much disagrees with that, but stamps out the urge to spell out why, exactly, she's unable to bring anything back with her. She isn't sure what Rey's reaction would be or how she might take it, and like the rest of them, Claire assumes that she's already been put through enough. ]

When I get back I'll bring you some water and something to eat. I know a bottle of water won't play music, but - [ She cuts herself off and then jams one of the buttons on the lift. ] Actually, I have an idea. Do you know how to play Bullshit?
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That's the one. [ She's getting off at medbay and will spend, probably, an unnecessary amount of time digging through offices until she's able to find a deck of playing cards. There's one in her room, but the dogs have been stored away and she doesn't want to rile them, draw attention, not when people are still combing around, looking for victims. ] We could play, for a little while.