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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote 2013-09-30 12:53 am (UTC)

falling: memories of sheridan

Their mission is to infiltrate a safehouse on the outskirts of an Irish village. Sheridan is there with a few other men and their leading officer, Colonel Reinhardt. Although their troops comprise of mostly British and Irish soldiers, Reinhardt is a German. His proficiency in military tactics is admired by those who follow him, even on what most would deem suicide missions through warzones and survive.

Sheridan is no different, and reveres the man who has been more of a father to her than her own alcoholic parents. When whiskey and wine is passed around during their idle periods such as these, Sheridan always declines. The soldiers say it’s very unlike her green blood to do so, but Reinhardt commands respect for the lifestyle of those under his wing.

Over the hill, they watch as a few settlers come in and out of the safehouse. Sheridan leans in to report, Colonel Reinhardt explains that they are neither settlers nor locals. Because this whole village had been razed to the ground centuries ago due to a plague that decimated the tiny population, the area is considered condemned.

The longer they wait, the more Sheridan notices through her binoculars that these people are unwell. Their eyes bulge from their sockets, the whites turned to yellow; their skin is pale and near-blue. Even the women are balding, with straw-like hair barely clinging to their scalps. The most noticeable difference is that these people have longer limbs than the human anatomy would allow. Arms drooped to the knees. Legs long and gangly. Spines hunched over. Bones look as if they’re about to protrude from the flesh.

What’s more uncanny are the uniforms, now stretched and clinging to their bodies. Each of them bearing insignias from various nations: British, American, Scottish, Irish, Iranian, Russian, Chinese... Enemies and allies passing by each other as though no war has gone on for the last six decades.

Reinhardt thinks the same as Sheridan, telling them that they need to fall back. The village is contaminated with what people have been calling allobion disease.

When they turn around, one of those a bug-eyed willowy people wearing a Scottish insignia takes Sheridan by the throat. Reinhardt yells, pulling his gun to the Scot’s head and squeezes the trigger several times.

Shots are fired. Screams all around. Sheridan’s face covers with blood and she hits the ground. Reinhardt is dragging her to their trucks, but all that registers is falling... falling...

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