circumitus: 10 stitches. scar on forehead. totally going tell ppl my parents died fighting Voldemort. (fell off bed. face first.)
Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote 2015-05-26 07:48 am (UTC)

memories of sergeant schuyler

In 2099, Rey is reassembled as Rey Schuyler, a woman from the Netherlands with a heavy Dutch accent. Rey Schuyler remembers watching her mother murder her father while both were in a drunken argument. She ran away from home when she came home to finding her own mother having shot her father in the face. Since then, she joined the Korps Mariniers, the marine corps section of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

In 2101, an eighteen-year-old girl named Helena Lyonene goes against her father’s wishes and enlists for an Assault Group with the Royal Marines (which had once not permitted women), passing the Commando course with flying colors and later trains in winter warfare. She meets Grey Moskalenko and they become close friends. Within the next year, they become close friends and later involved. Rey Schuyler is also stationed in Grey and Helena’s unit by Gregory Tremond, where the Dutch and the British Armed Forces are also allied with America during the Long Winter war. They meet in Washington DC, where the young Helena Lyonene and Grey Moskalenko are assigned under the command of Sergeant Schuyler. Cameron Lyonene (56) oversees Sergeant Schuyler assuming command of his daughter before they depart Washington DC. The missions they are to carry out throughout their tour involve locating the sanctuaries GRIGORI’s mainframes are stored throughout the globe. There are three major locations where the GRIGORI had stationed its primary backup functions. Gregory Tremond sets Rey Schuyler out to find them, as she is completely unaware of her past lives and has little knowledge of her “employer” (Gregory Tremond himself).

In 2108, their company is ambushed in the middle of the night, during a trek through the Julian Alps. An ally, Robin de Trie, had tipped off the enemy on their location for a hefty price and amnesty in their country. Grey Moskalenko is killed in action when he is caught in an explosive frag grenade. Helena barely survives the same frag grenade, but loses her leg in the event. Rey Schuyler pursues Robin in her attempt to flee with the enemy. She is about to kill the turncoat when Helena is in need of immediate medical attention, and she chooses to tend to Helena instead, cauterizing Helena’s wound to prevent herself from dying of bloodloss. Rey disappears that night after delivering Helena to the 68W medics and buries their company.

Losing her experience of the last 7 years with Helena Lyonene’s company, Rey Schuyler is reset and stationed at Fort Jeremy, Texas and uses her old alias, Rey Stone.

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