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✘ profile [HADRIEL]

Name: Rey
Alias: Fiona Stransky, “the Salamander”, etc.
Age: 98 (physically in her late-20s)
Canon: OC; The Project SERAPHIM Series
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Storm ➤ Chapter 40 (No Way Out but Through);
Pinion ➤ Chapter 36 (The World is Gonna Change Us);

“Now we are no longer wolves. We are dogs, the servants of men.
Keep alive, man! When man dies we becomes wolves again.”
— Sherwood Anderson; Death in the Woods

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

{If you want more basic info on Rey, go here.}

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✘ the exurosuit

The Exurosuit is a modified heatsuit made out of altered Nano-Kevlar; designed specifically for Rey during the lives she had spent as Schmidt and Safronov (see Eight Lives for more detail), that way she won’t risk repeatedly burning all her clothes off because that shit would get real awkward real fast.

Utilizing specialized technology that focuses on the communication with her hefty cybernetic skeleton and the vessel, the Exurosuit is capable of transmitting and amplifying the heat energy provided by the Brísingamen within her body to the surface of the suit. It is also built with an internal cooling system (especially around her head), allowing her to easily absorb heat when while simultaneously setting fire to herself.

The Exurosuit is tight fitting and entirely black, with some light indicators around the feet, stomach, back, shoulders, and neck. The indicators remain unlit until the Brísingamen energy is activated, flaring the lights up into a deep red, glowing brighter depending on the amount of heat radiating from the vessel. Printed on the upper back of the suit is a salamander.

The hood is also made out of more flexible Nano-Kevlar material, protecting the wearer’s head.

The spinal region of the suit contains the function of allowing the hood to seal at the command of the wearer for extra cranial protection.

The suit itself was designed by Gregory Tremond, who had discarded an older prototype in the abandoned research facility where Rey had been “born”. She is now in possession of the Exurosuit prototype. As it is not a completed version of the heatsuit, it has a risk of overheating, damaging it to the point of disrepair.
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✘ destructive personality disorder

When Undine Stransky had been her personal psychologist in 2056, Freyja/Rey had been diagnosed with what was then called a “destructive personality disorder" (DPD). This entails her obedience and docile nature, only to plummet into a disturbed psychosis with dangerous and unpredictable predilections. It follows five phases of her personality as it begins to plunge downhill:

Phase One: Vessel
The subject is completely docile, following instructions without question, driven only by the basic will to survive and self-defense. However, if told to kill, harm, or self-destruct by a commanding officer, the subject is obligated to do so without hesitation.
The subject immediately is drawn to the source in which it must take orders from. Its need for direction is equivalent to how humans need air to breathe. Additionally, its motor functions are limited, leaving it almost mute, speaking only when affirming and negating its orders.
This phase only happens after a master reset, which allots more time before leading into the later phases of its development.

Phase Two: Human
Will to power. The subject behaves in a manner that is more human. It grasps the concepts of philosophy and begins to question the very nature of mortality.
While forming a sense of personal identity, the subject is still codependent on its superiors, almost craving for orders and direction to a dysfunctional degree. The subject desires a sense of purpose and a reason to live. It may develop personal attachments towards those surrounding it, like friends or comrades.
When reset, the subject returns to this stage, which risks leading into the future phases a lot faster. The subject is also influenced by a variety of identities that have been installed into its memory core.

Phase Three: Overhuman
The Posthuman Condition.
Depending on the current memories the subject had been disposed with, the questions regarding its existence begins sooner rather than later, or vice versa. It begins to develop a sense of independence, relying less on the orders which it is given and is driven by whatever purpose the subject has given itself.
Metacognition. It begins to see and understand things like a reality tunnel, completely aware of its inner and outer thought; understanding and calculating the realities that others interpret. While the phase two affects the humanity’s side of the subject, phase three affects the spiritual and philosophical aspect; a relationship between the creation and the creator. With that, it begins to question the existence of life as a force of will and thought.

Phase Four: Disconnect
Sociopathy. The subject is begins to grasp a concept of an alter ego.
Sometimes triggered by Dido’s Lament.
It decides that it no longer needs to be bound by duties and obligations of its superiors. The subject’s persona, known as The Salamander, emerges from the coils of its anima. While some of its previous traits remain, the Salamander is cruel, blood-thirsty, and relentless.
Through emotional connection (and possibly through the use of Dido’s Lament), it is possible to reverse the fourth phase before developing to the point of no return.

Phase Five: Self-Destruction
Psychopathy. The subject is aware of its coding.
Be it due to the body’s lack of aging, injury, or otherwise, the walls protecting its sanity is torn down. It realizes what it is and is driven mad with the emotions hard coded into its structure.
Additionally, the subject becomes aware of its past memories. Any self defense mechanisms used to maintain any sense of sanity is lost. Unable to differentiate the many identities that the subject has been conditioned to, they become suicidal and destructive to those surrounding them.
When this occurs, it is best to stay clear from the subject. Also bear in mind that this phase can only be triggered by a traumatic event, be it physical or emotional, that breaks the subject’s psyche.
Note: This phase is permanent. The only cure is a complete reset of the subject, returning it to the first phase.

Note that Phase Five is permanent.

The only cure is a complete reset of the subject, returning it to Phase One.
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✘ profile

Name: Rey
Others: Subject FREYJA, Fiona Coffey, “the Salamander”, etc.
Age: In [community profile] ataraxion, she is now well passed her 100s (though her official government records state she is 29-years-old, so appearance-wise we go with that)
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Ascent > Chapter 3 (Deranged);
Ascent > Chapter 22 (The Salamander);
Storm > Chapter 14 (Three Steps);
Storm > Chapter 40 (No Way Out but Through);
Number: SEC » 001 » 056

“Now we are no longer wolves. We are dogs, the servants of men.
Keep alive, man! When man dies we becomes wolves again.”
— Sherwood Anderson; Death in the Woods

lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

(Yeah, I know. It's weird for me to say that, too.)
{If you want more basic info on Rey, go here.}

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✎ writing

[PSYCH PROFILE] Subject Freyja (Q-056)
SUMMARY: Project's mental health notes on Subject Q-056, who would later be called Rey. Events take place nearly 100 years prior to Seraphim ASCENT.

Von der grossen Sehnsucht
SUMMARY: Of the Great Longing.
Massive NSFW TRIGGER WARNING for sexual content.

SUMMARY: As she thought, in the end she had nothing.

Bird Song
SUMMARY: Held him down, broke his neck, taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

I'm Not Me
SUMMARY: Consider this a final gift to you.

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Dr. Stransky: “April 25th.

Dr. Stransky: “It has been fourteen months since the first launch of the twins, Subjects Q-Zero-Fifty-five and Zero-Fifty-six. Also known as FREY and FREYJA.

Dr. Stransky: “Against the director’s counsel, I have requested to conduct a psychological profile on the surviving subject, FREYJA. The board has grown cynical since Subject FREYJA destroyed her brother during their first observational trial over a year ago. Fratricide is, of course, a matter in which the project administrators take very seriously, and Subject FREYJA had been dispatched accordingly. However, my team was able to reassemble her remains and activate her vessel as of two days ago. She hasn’t spoken a word to me since, but something about her tells me that she remembers what she did.

Dr. Stransky: “Until then, we have been ordered to confine her in Glass House — a ten-by-ten chamber with a surveillance unit to study her from. So far she has remained quiet, unresponsive. The director is skeptical that the bureau will continue funding the project on a defunct war effort.

Dr. Stransky: “Defunct war effort... It almost makes me sick to hear those words. But this was mine and Lucas’ aspiration, and the bureau was our only chance at getting the subsidies to make it possible. In order for them to help us, it is our responsibility to help their war.

Dr. Stransky: “In order to prove that Subject FREYJA can still be an asset, I have inquired the bureau to allow my research in the psychology of the artificial life my husband and I have created. Too many of our resources have been poured into this project for us to forego future endeavors, regardless of what the bureau intends to do with them.

Dr. Stransky: “They are, after all, a part of us now.

Dr. Stransky: “At the risk of being scientifically unsound, I have faith that Fi... Subject FREYJA will come through, even though her brother has not.”

Dr. Stransky: “May 15th.

Dr. Stransky: “The board has decided to allow me time with FREYJA, so long as I am under close supervision while in the subject’s presence. This means that a member of the bureau, a Dr. Jonathan Quayle, has been transferred to the facility to oversee FREYJA’s development. In addition my husband, Dr. Lucas Coffey, has volunteered to aid me in my studies.

Dr. Stransky: “I have agreed to these terms, and I am eager to begin research. Come next week, I will be meeting with Subject FREYJA in private. My husband will be working with the bureau’s researcher to sate any curiosities the man might have.

Dr. Stransky: “I want to believe that what we have done is right. If I can prove that FREYJA is capable of developing mental stability, then perhaps there is hope that our work has not been wasted.”

Dr. Stransky: “May 30th.

Dr. Stransky: “Subject FREYJA has already made some steady progress over the course of our time together. In spite of her hostile nature during the first observational trial, she now appears docile, and has been surprisingly compliant to the questions that I have asked her. In return, she has asked me questions of her own. She’s questioned about her brother, FREY, seemingly having absolutely no memory of the event.

Dr. Stransky: “I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She is like a child, trapped inside of a violent storm. Her body and mind act as two separate forces — if I can confirm that her brother’s death was a result of human error and not an act of senseless violence, the board may spare her. I am overcome by a need to do what I feel as right. This, to me, is the right thing to do.

Dr. Stransky: “I met with that researcher recently as well. Jonathan Quayle. He seems to undermine what my work means to me, but has developed a peculiar fascination with my work. I see him sometimes in the surveillance unit, watching Subject FREYJA inside of Glass House. He claims he is simply studying her patterns, but something about his presence makes me uneasy.

Dr. Stransky: “Another matter that troubles me are the things he says to her. Calls her ‘salamander’ sometimes.

Dr. Stransky: “Either way I find I do not care that much for this man, but FREYJA’s survival also depends on what he reports to the bureau.

Dr. Stransky: “As... strange as it might seem, I feel like she is another daughter to me. I did help to create her— me and my husband both. Her flesh and blood are our own, as was her brother’s.

Dr. Stransky: “Although the director has thought it unwise, I... I have started to call her by the name of Fiona, but only when we are together.

Dr. Stransky: “Lucas still does not know.”

Dr. Stransky: “June 2nd.

Dr. Stransky: “Subject Q-056, please state your name.”

Subject: “You know it.”

Dr. Stransky: “Yes, but I would like it if you told me.”

Subject: “Subject Q-056. That is it.”

Dr. Stransky: “I want you to tell me your real name.”

Subject: “The one that the project has given this vessel?”

Dr. Stransky: “Yes.”

Subject: “Designation: Subject Q-056. Codename: FREYJA.”

Dr. Stransky: “Do you know why you were given this name, FREYJA?”

Subject: “Negative.”

Dr. Stransky: “We have gone over this before.”

Subject: “Say it again.”

Dr. Stransky: “Fiona...”

Subject: [In the same tone:] “Say it again.”

Dr. Stransky: “Okay.

Dr. Stransky: “Freyja was the Norse goddess of love, magic, war, and death.”

Subject: “Love and war.”

Dr. Stransky: “Yes.”

Subject: “You have assigned this vessel that codename, as you associate it with love and war.”

Dr. Stransky: “It was not my idea to—”

Subject: “This vessel was also born with a brother. You called him FREY.”

Dr. Stransky: “Correct.”

Subject: “In this mythos, did Freyja also kill her brother?”

Dr. Stransky: “No, she did not.”

Subject: [Silence.] “...He calls this vessel the shell of a goddess, too.”

Dr. Stransky: “Who does, Fiona?”

Subject: [No answer.]

Dr. Stransky: “Who calls you this?”

Subject: [No answer.]

Dr. Stransky: “June 10th.

Dr. Stransky: “I fear that progress with the subject has come to a standstill. She does not respond to all of my questions, or attempts to avoid them altogether by changing the topic.

Dr. Stransky: “For instance, she asked me today if I hate her for what she did to FREY. I didn’t know how to respond. It seems like such a long time ago, and my current work has been such a great distraction that I might’ve forgotten about that day entirely. The fear I felt when I watched not only our work, but also something that my husband and I have created with our own DNA disappear before us. I was angry, yes. But I also saw a chance to make it right with FREYJA.

Dr. Stransky: “Even more troublesome was when she wanted to know more about love, because she claims someone has used such language at her recently. When I tried to pry for more information, she seemed to shut down, like she was hiding something from me. The only reason she would do so was if she possessed her own agency, a sense of free will. Which is good for me, but bad for the bureau. They have no use for a ‘weapon’ with a mind of her own.

Dr. Stransky: “I do hate that word, though. Weapon. What Lucas and I have created was a life, not a tool.

Dr. Stransky: “I have recently discovered that she has a quaint taste for opera music. She even asked that I play Andrea Chénier for her this morning, so I did.

Dr. Stransky: “She cried. I have never seen her cry.

Dr. Stransky: “Honestly, I do not know where these old opera recordings have been stored. Somewhere in the facility, I presume. I believe that someone may have perhaps left them behind as a gift. However, that moment was the one time that I witnessed a mixture of emotions from her. She says she feels joy and sorrow, but is unable to discern which one. I find it to be a distressful existence, not knowing the difference between pleasure and tragedy; that it is all the same to her.

Dr. Stransky: “File note. It would appear that the subject has made unauthorized contact with another staff member. Uncertain as to who ‘he’ is. I will request an internal investigation with the director. Worst-case scenario, should the security division decline my request, I will take these matters into my own hands. I cannot condone this unorthodox behavior, neither will I be party to them. Especially when such contact could have detrimental effects on Fio... on the subject’s psyche.”

Dr. Stransky: “June 12th.

Dr. Stransky: “Investigation request has been denied. Project board has insisted that, due to ‘Subject Q-Zero-Fifty-six’s unstable nature’, such accusations made by an artificial life form cannot be taken seriously. If I am to push further, they may discontinue my research under the claim that I have become ‘too attached’ to my subject.

Dr. Stransky: “Furthermore, the bureau has rejected my decision to delay Subject FREYJA’s second observational trial. While I believe that confinement has been psychologically taxing on her mental health, I cannot allow the bureau’s military division to step in at this time. The subject has been far too unstable to grasp the basic concepts of right and wrong, and putting her on a battlefield would be a grave mistake.

Dr. Stransky: “I have discussed these matters with FREYJA myself. She now fails to regard the moral quandaries regarding the death of her twin, though she does agree that it was wrong. I have made adamant arguments with the director that handing Subject FREYJA over to the bureau in the near future may result in friendly fire.

Dr. Stransky: “Dr. Quayle has taken a particular concern in this, and has offered to help me with FREYJA’s mental state.

Dr. Stransky: “If there is another issue during the final observational trial, they said that Subject Q-Zero-Fifty-six will be terminated so that the project can focus on the weapons development of the Battle-Brave.”

Dr. Stransky: “July 7th.

Dr. Stransky: “Something is wrong. Something with this project has gone terribly wrong. I don’t know who I can trust anymore. My own husband does not believe me, and claims that I have become too soft on the synthetics. I cannot help what I believe, that subjects like FREYJA and Heimdall, and even her late twin FREY, are more than just ‘pieces’ on a game board. They. Are. People.

Dr. Stransky: “Heimdall himself has expressed emotions on a large scale, revealing jealousy and compassion with his creator, Lucas. Heimdall has even developed a sense of protectiveness over the members of the project in ways that he was never programmed. Today, he asked whether or not if my marriage was going all right. He appeared concerned over the distance between me and my husband as of late...

Dr. Stransky: “I did not tell him about the divorce being final. I felt he did not need that on his conscience that I truly believe exists.

Dr. Stransky: “FREYJA, on the other hand, has been distancing herself more. I’m afraid that whoever has been making unauthorized contact with her has been manipulating her in some way to keep secrets from me.

Dr. Stransky: “Once again, I have no means of adding truth to my convictions, but I am confident in what I know. Worst case scenario, I have decided it best to withdraw FREYJA from the project. The director will never approve of this, let alone the board. But I will do whatever means necessary in order to protect my flesh and blood — even if I must sacrifice my life in order to do it.”

Dr. Stransky: “August 9th.

Dr. Stransky: “The paperwork just came in this morning. Two weeks after her trial, the board has made their decision. Subject Q-Zero-Fifty-six, Subject FREYJA... Fio...

Dr. Stransky: “Fiona is confirmed for termination.

Dr. Stransky: “What I have learned is that they will strip her of her identification and trash her come the day after tomorrow, once the paperwork for the procedure has been processed and finalized.

Dr. Stransky: “I feel sick to my stomach when I read who had authorized this decision. It did not take long for me to find out that it was Lucas who had sent the request. I believe that it may have been a retaliation... He is trying to punish me. I can’t explain it, but I no longer feel safe here. No one will believe me when I try to tell them that Lucas is the one behind Fiona’s reverted behavior. It must be him. I keep telling myself that there has to be some other way, that I ought to reason with him, but Fiona is adverse to this. She has revealed an odd emotion to me when I bring up my ex-husband with her. I’m certain that it’s fear.

Dr. Stransky: “Dr. Jonathan Quayle has agreed to help me. We have discussed an escape plan for Fiona to leave the facility. With his influence, it may be possible to spare Fiona that fate of being tossed in a dumpster like one of the lab rats.

Dr. Stransky: “But he agreed. Jonathan has planned to hack into the security mainframe, allowing us enough time to get out. If we succeed, we will all leave together. Or at least Fiona will...

Dr. Stransky: “After tonight, no matter where we go, none of us will be safe. In the event that we are caught, this will be my last entry.

Dr. Stransky: “To anyone who finds this... I don’t know what to tell you, and honestly, I doubt there is anything I can say that will justify my actions, other than the strength of a mother’s love. I have no other words for it. I love Fiona. I love my daughter. I thought at one point that Lucas did, too... I suppose it’s within our nature, even for a man like him, to hurt the ones we love.

Dr. Stransky: “For Fiona’s sake, I have decided to play some tracks from Dido and Aeneas for her tonight. Jonathan has told me that it’s her favorite. It’s silly, but... I want to make her happy.”