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Reybama ([personal profile] circumitus) wrote2015-02-15 03:42 pm

✘ the exurosuit

The Exurosuit is a modified heatsuit made out of altered Nano-Kevlar; designed specifically for Rey during the lives she had spent as Schmidt and Safronov (see Eight Lives for more detail), that way she won’t risk repeatedly burning all her clothes off because that shit would get real awkward real fast.

Utilizing specialized technology that focuses on the communication with her hefty cybernetic skeleton and the vessel, the Exurosuit is capable of transmitting and amplifying the heat energy provided by the Brísingamen within her body to the surface of the suit. It is also built with an internal cooling system (especially around her head), allowing her to easily absorb heat when while simultaneously setting fire to herself.

The Exurosuit is tight fitting and entirely black, with some light indicators around the feet, stomach, back, shoulders, and neck. The indicators remain unlit until the Brísingamen energy is activated, flaring the lights up into a deep red, glowing brighter depending on the amount of heat radiating from the vessel. Printed on the upper back of the suit is a salamander.

The hood is also made out of more flexible Nano-Kevlar material, protecting the wearer’s head.

The spinal region of the suit contains the function of allowing the hood to seal at the command of the wearer for extra cranial protection.

The suit itself was designed by Gregory Tremond, who had discarded an older prototype in the abandoned research facility where Rey had been “born”. She is now in possession of the Exurosuit prototype. As it is not a completed version of the heatsuit, it has a risk of overheating, damaging it to the point of disrepair.