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☏ [HADRIEL] ic inbox

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House 1401

"not here right now.
leave a message. will get back to you soon. probably."


NOTE: As of December 2016, Rey has adopted the alias Fiona Stransky.
Something to keep in mind for anyone attempting to contact her via Guard means,
since "Fiona" will not be a registered ID outside of the Guard records.
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text - early may

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it's a slow day at the sewing shop if you still wanted to come meet wolfie

[Yep, just like that. No preamble. It's been a while since they discussed Rey coming to meet Wolfie anyway, so why not just cut to the chase, right?]
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text > action

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cool, we'll be here

[And that they are. Emily is working on a sturdy pair of pants for herself when Wolfie, who is lying at her feet, lifts his head and stares at the door. Since he's under the table, Emily doesn't notice his early warning that someone's on their way here.]
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[Emily glances up at Rey, then looks down at her work, and then back at Rey again when she just... stands there. What the--

Ooooh. Wolfie. It's gotta be about Wolfie, who has just gotten up and started walking over to Rey.]

It's fine, he only bites if you're an asshole to him.

[This is the amended, more accurate version of the warning she's been giving everyone for months now. Wolfie is in fact pure, in the sense that he thinks the best of everyone until proven wrong. Emily hasn't had a bad conversation with Rey before -- in fact, she remembers having a drink with her once and it being a decent time -- so she figures that means Rey is smart enough not to be an asshole unprovoked.

And given Rey asked to meet Wolfie, she's probably not going to try to hurt him.]
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emily jumps to conclusions, news at 11

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[Emily doesn't remark on that (it's the right answer), concentrating on her stitching as Wolfie comes to a stop in front of Rey. He sniffs her hand, and at first Emily doesn't notice there's anything amiss (he's taking longer than he usually does when he meets someone for the first time).

Then Wolfie whines a little and backs away.]

Oh my god. [Emily looks up, frowning at Rey.] What did you do.
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[Groaning, Emily sets down her work and gets up to go to Wolfie, who meets her halfway and immediately takes all the scratches she gives him.] What's wrong, Wolfie? She's weird but she's harmless. Look.

[Going off the assumption that wolves are smart as hell, she walks over to Rey and puts a hand on her shoulder.] See? Harmless. She even has scars all over, like Jack.

[RIP, flamethrower guy.]

Are you not human? [she asks Rey. You never can tell.] He's used to humans. And Glacius.
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That's why he's scared. He can probably smell it. [She draws back her hand and shrugs, going over to crouch in front of Wolfie and scratch him between the ears.] Just give him some time. Come see him every now and then, let him get used to you. He was nervous around Glacius for a while too, but now he's totally cool with him.

[Having been here as long as she has, Emily has no reason to ask Rey what she is. It doesn't really matter as long as she's not being an asshole.]
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[The fact that Rey looks so human bbut smells like she's not is the thing that's really throwing Wolfie, but Emily stands by what she said. As long as Rey is nice to him and to the humans he spends most of his time with, he'll realize she's not a threat.]

Yeah, he's from the mountain my friends and I were vacationing on when the Door pulled us in here. [It was so long ago now. Jesus.] Why?
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[Oh. Yeah. People remember that happened here.]

Yeah. We think he was trained to hunt wendigos, or to sense them or whatever. So yeah, anyone not human or just, like, off would like... make him nervous.

[Kind of how people are.

Emily straightens but stays at Wolfie's side, so he has someone familiar and safe nearby. Maybe it'll help him associate Rey with moments like this: chill, kind of boring, not dangerous.]

But once he trusts you? He's pretty much like a dog. Total sweetie. He goes out on his own sometimes too, but he knows when you need the company.