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☏ [HADRIEL] ic inbox

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House 1401

"not here right now.
leave a message. will get back to you soon. probably."


NOTE: As of December 2016, Rey has adopted the alias Fiona Stransky.
Something to keep in mind for anyone attempting to contact her via Guard means,
since "Fiona" will not be a registered ID outside of the Guard records.
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[A brief pause, as Glacius tries to figure out how to kick this conversation off. It's not one he wants to be having... but recent events have him worried for a number of reasons, and he wants to ensure his partner's safety in whatever ways he can. So he carries on:] I find myself in a... difficult situation, one I do not wish to discuss over these communication devices. If it's not too much of an inconvenience, would you be able to meet me in the park shortly?
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[Thankfully, Glacius is a patient being, none too bothered by the stretch of time between communication; it gives him time to try and put his thoughts in order. He almost wanders off to do something else when he realizes that Rey isn't going to be replying any time soon--but then considers that it probably wouldn't be wise for him to leave his communications device unattended for hours if he's expecting a call back.

So he's there when he gets her response, his reply just as to the point:]
Understood; I am on my way.

[And so he's there, pacing off to one side of the path that leads further into the park as his eyes scan for wherever Rey might approach from. It might not be much of a tell, but it is noticeably restless behavior for a being normally so cool-headed.]
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[Glacius simply nods his head in response and then goes quiet, starting to pace again as the gears turn in his head. Despite the extra time he's had to ponder everything, he can't really think of a good way to broach this subject.] I apologize--I know this might be somewhat counterproductive, but I must be vague where I can here. It is technically not even my place to involve you in this, and yet...

[The ice alien sighs, stopping up short as he faces Rey.] ... Recent events have made two worrisome facts abundantly clear. One-- one of the people I care deeply for will tolerate abuse far more readily than they should. And two-- the individual that they have fallen into strife with is more than willing to use violence as a means to achieve his goals. They are both terrible facts on their own, but combined, it tells me that I cannot be too careful here.

I suspect you know which individual I am referring to in the latter. Those two recent spectacles on the network have shed plenty of light on him, have they not?
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[Nonetheless, the fact that she knows seems to trip Glacius up--he's visibly surprised, his head rearing up as his gills flutter.] You--how do you know? Getting Carlisle to tell me anything about what has been bothering him lately has been like--how do you humans say it--pulling teeth, and I'm his partner! Would he trust you with this before me?

[Not that he doesn't like Carlisle reaching out to others for help--the alien is glad he has, actually. But he doesn't like feeling like he's being cut out, either, especially when honesty and openness are paramount to him... not just in a relationship, but in all things.]
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That is what I tried to tell him, but clearly my word is not good enough for him. What is the point of growing close to someone if that somehow renders your points invaluable due to some perceived "bias"?

[He doesn't get it, honestly--just because he would stand up for his partner doesn't mean he wouldn't be honest with him. Glacius paces again, confused and frustrated, before turning back to Rey and pinching at his temples in a plainly aggrieved fashion.] No matter, I'll discuss this with him later. At least you tried to talk some sense into him, but I think we both know he wouldn't stand up for himself where it matters... and now that Shadow has shown just how unhinged he is, I need to be sure he doesn't try to come after Carlisle.

Should he attack, I will deal with him--as his partner, it is my duty to protect him. But I cannot be with him every hour of every day. Will you help me stay abreast of enemy movements? I cannot risk giving Shadow an opening, not in something as... important as this.
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I have shown some resistance to it too... but that is besides the point, as the only thing that could ever get me to ask Carlisle to use something that weighs on him so heavily would be if it was the only thing standing between him and the one who would end is life. As I will not allow it to come ot that, it does not matter!

[Glacius huffs, clearly feeling strongly about that particular subject, having seen the effect it can have on him both physically and emotionally. He doesn't seem to want to hear any further discussion on it; he bulls on to the next subject.] If am not around when Shadow chooses that moment to strike, then by all means, deal with him. If I am present... I will reiterate that it falls to me. It is my partner this wretch has threatened, and it is my duty to bring threats like this to justice or to their end should they force my hand, no matter what world I am in. In that case, I would prefer it if you would remain by Carlisle, could escort him away from danger until the threat has been dealt with; I will be able to fight with more confidence knowing that he is somewhere safer, and it would keep Shadow from trying to slip around me to target him, forcing a more straightforward engagement.
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Any amount of time at all is too long! This is unacceptable behavior. I would have dealt with it more directly had Calrisle not asked me to try and avoid a fight. I do not understand why he would defend someone that has behaved in such a disgusting, harmful manner towards him, but Shadow is clearly taking advantage of that... and I fear he may never answer for what he's done.

[Perhaps that's another reason all of this is rankling so deeply. It pains Glacius to be kept on the sidelines, especially when it comes not only to a concept that's important to him, but to a person as well.]
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[Glacius folds his arms, his brows furrowing in concern and concentration. It still irks him that Carlisle would more readily come to an outsider than his own partner, but that's not Rey's fault. He'll find a way to tackle that issue later.] I know that things all fell apart when Shadow burned Carlisle's garden to the ground, and that the detestable wretch has been accositng him ever since--to the point that he fears for his life. Carlisle claims that he deserved it for using his compulsion on his tormentor's mind, but I know there must be more to it than that. He would never willingly turn his curse upon someone without having his hand forced.

My assumptions are correct, aren't they? It was Shadow who set all this in motion--and now Carlisle is allowing him to feel completely justified in doing so.
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[She doesn't need to explain Carlisle's hesitance to retreat to the temple safe zones despite his fearful nature--both because Glacius is close enough to him to know of his religious beliefs, but also because he explained himself to the alien way back when the fog rolled in and the city went to hell and back. And unlike Shadow, the otherworldly being had respected the clergyman's agency; though Glacius stayed out with the human in the thick of it all for some time, in the end Carlisle had ultimately deferred to him, and they had retreated temporarily until things started getting back to something approaching normal.

That's how the situation should have been handled, not this treachery. The very fact that Shadow subjected Carlisle to such abuse despite being guilty of the very thing he was so angry about causes a deep disgust to roil about in the alien's guts.]
Good--that is absolutely the right response in this scenario. Shadow doesn't have the right to ask anything of my partner after what he's done! Such selfishness and hypocrisy. Now Carlisle is the only one suffering guilt--when he has only wanted to set things right since--while Shadow goes on to feel perfectly justified despite his hand of all of this is not right!

I wish I could convince Carlisle to stop wasting his breath on the cur--and yet still he clings to whatever scrap of friendship they had before Shadow forefeited his right to it.
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[Glacius glowers for a few moments longer before his shoulders slump and he heaves a sigh.] I know. And I have been trying--but I am beginning to feel as though my advice is falling on deaf ears. What good am I to him if he will not listen to me, if I cannot help him with his burdens? He's been through enough of this sort of treatment already, and yet he still invites more of it.
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[The ice alien sighs, massaging at his temples as he digests everything. He is an eternally patient being, and he doesn't mind going through the motions as many times as is needed... he just wishes he could see more results, sometimes, for all the reasons he's already stated to Rey.] Very well... I will not waver in my support. Hopefully one day, my partner can feel different about himself.

Thank you for taking time out to discuss all this with me, for helping me achieve a deeper understanding on all the facets of this... admittedly complicated issue. And thank you for agreeing to help me watch out for Carlisle, too. I... do appreciate it.
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Of course-- I appreciate the offer, and will likely take you up on it at some point. We cannot be too careful in this regard. And the least I can do is offer you the same in return; you have been helpful and supportive of me time and time again. Do not hesitate to ask me if you require assistance with something.

[He may not be entirely accustomed to speaking on them, but he's often better than he gives himself credit for when it comes to matters of the heart... and he's of course well-suited to dealing with external threats or problems. He trusts that Rey will know how to make use of him, should she at some point choose to.]