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☏ [HADRIEL] ic inbox

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House 1401

"not here right now.
leave a message. will get back to you soon. probably."


NOTE: As of December 2016, Rey has adopted the alias Fiona Stransky.
Something to keep in mind for anyone attempting to contact her via Guard means,
since "Fiona" will not be a registered ID outside of the Guard records.
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[personal profile] overarching 2017-06-09 07:17 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, this is a little abrupt but I think that goes with the regular feel and flow of Hadriel. I'm Caroline and was wondering if the Speakeasy is in need of any more regular performers. I really love to sing.

[ And, she's even talented!

She's been there a handful of times, heard the name of the establishment's owner from who first showed her (and Elena) the bar. Connor. Now, she reaches out for things to do that definitely amount for distractions, but she needs a bit of that after the insanity of last month. Of turning her best friend, Elena, into a vampire, from the influence of Delight and Rage. Least. Favorite. Gods. Ever.

But this communication is all about the music she's hoping she may get to perform. ]
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[ Not being put off by the sudden text is a plus, too! The feel of Hadriel gives off a bit of acting on impulse being sort of a thing. ]

Oh, great! I can safely say that I don't squawk. But now I'm wondering how many people you've had that have squawked...

Do you have any procedures for getting on stage, like a quasi-audition, or do people just, show up and wing it one night?
[ Which is the best way to determine if she has any real talent, and she wouldn't be Caroline if she didn't ask the first half of that question. Being prepared is important! ]