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✘ all the pretty little horses




The more common enemies that you will see in Rey's Otherworld. Most of the monsters will look like misshapen children, with bubbly skin from disease. While they appear faceless, their jaws will unhinge to reveal a twisted face lodged deep in their throat, that gives off an infant's wail. These children do not like adults. At all. Any other child that they come in contact with, they will completely ignore and keep on moving.

Weaknesses: They are small and weak and easy to subdue.
Strengths: Unfortunately, they're also ridiculously resilient. You'll have better luck cutting off their limbs.


This fingerless woman wears a metal plate, hiding her true face. She can be seen dragging body bags around, but it's never truly known what she's hauling. She doesn't attack you, but won't be very happy if you try and interrupt her business.

Weaknesses: Pacifist.
Strengths: Being a creeper.


Her body is full of stitches with sleeves sewn onto her arms. Insects crawl in and out of her gaping wounds after she is attacked. She's so light that she floats and glides, but never walks.

She also wears a mask, and floats about while humming a song. When provoked, however, the mask comes off -- and the charade is over. Goodness gracious, grandma, what big teeth you have!

Weaknesses: Physically, very weak and easily overpowered. Long-distance weapons are recommended, as getting close to her might not be such a great idea.
Strengths: Bugs!, flight, and incredible speed (we're talking blur effect here). Also, she'll think you're very tasty and gnaw on you if given the chance.


This monstrous, wormlike man is a lot faster than he appears. His mouth is sewn shut to silence him, while he still makes terrible pained sounds.

Weaknesses: Super clumsy, inept, and slow as fuck.
Strengths: Size and brute strength. He won't hesitate to try and clock you over the head and beat you senseless with his big arms.
Note: The size both works with and against him. He's big and menacing, sure, and good luck trying to run around him in enclosed spaces. But that also means he can't get to you in small crevices and whatnot. And Rey's Otherworld is full of those, so getting away from him shouldn't be too difficult.


More specifically, this.
Only rather than being overly concerned with putting makeup on, she's taken a keen interest in you. She appears out of a box, black-eyed and a face attached to a spider-like form. If you get close enough, she'll just poke and prod at you at first with several needles. Cute.

Strengths: What isn't very cute is when she starts sinking those nasty, metal needles into your skin while she tries to wriggle into your insides. Truth is, Doll Face is envious of your skin, and your appearance. She wants to be you. So she'll do what she can to dig herself into your body and take control.
Weaknesses: Her face. She's envious, emotional, and easy to elude. She can't talk or be reasoned with, but the more you remind her of her appearance, she'll become way more defensive. This means ruining her precious face, which will send her into an uncontrollable rage, which incidentally makes it easier to get the jump on her. Good luck, ducks!



this is the way the world ends:
not with a bang -- but a whimper.

Confinement will be a huge theme here. Rey spent a good sum of her early life locked up before shit hit the fan. Chances are, at some point Rey will find herself confined in a small space (on top of that, the novel begins with her trapped in a morgue), so if anyone wants to help bust her out of it that would be grand. Otherwise, she might just find her own way out.

Fire and red will be a huge theme here. Areas will be aflame, but ironically it won't spread very far. Twisted imagery of red mist and mutilated corpses and body bags and gurneys will be all over the place. Most of the areas will look familiar to the old Tranquility, but appear to be suffering major burn damage.

Due to her time in war (and a variety of memories that she does have as a soldier), disembodied sounds will be heard, such as gunfire and screams of the dying. Sometimes, opera will play in certain areas.

Several areas on the ship will change in her Otherworld, which will make them inaccessible due to them just... dropping off into an abyss.

As far as manifestations go, Rey might be seeing a man wearing a pork-pie hat running around. His name is Johnathan Quayle, and if Rey ever catches up to him, she will attempt to kill him. Several times. Why? Because of reasons. But this would be the dude that's been giving her sanity a hard time fairly recently, so this would be a fine time to have him take on physical form. Sort of.