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Rey will have a variety of memories to share for the EMPATHY PLOT below. Since I wanted to avoid too much tl;dr, I compiled a list of helpful excerpts and such.

Physical, Mental, Emotional

→ Anyone connected with Rey might experience certain CRAVINGS: Namely spring rolls and beer. She is particularly fond of German lager.
→ Even for those who don’t smoke might feel the urge to, but not as a result to any particular addiction or anything.
→ In spite of Rey’s stoic nature, a lot of what she feels are internal. Feelings of random inexplicable anger and guilt are likely to rise. Contrary to her exterior, Rey is constantly at war with her emotions.
→ Also, random bursts of over-protectiveness and a need to stalk may happen. There is also a great deal of abandonment and loss, both from her own timeline and on the Tranquility as well. She has issues with getting close to people now, feeling like those she tries to connect with will wind up disappearing, anyway.
→ Due to the memories of eight different people stored in her head, characters connected to Rey may find themselves thinking in different languages. Whether they know them or not (and they might), some might recognize them as English, Spanish, Zulu, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, as well as Hebrew.
→ You might get opera stuck in your head a lot. More specifically Andrea Chenier and Dido and Aeneas.
→ As far as her headspace goes, Rey is a soldier. You may be thinking of your situation in terms of military tactics, with her century’s worth of fighting battles in her head. Being connected to her may leave you feeling paranoid. If you don’t already, you’ll be wanting to sit in the corner of rooms with your back turned to the wall, just in the likely event that some crazy will come storming in with an AK-47 and tear up the place. If it sounds like a gun or explosion, you’ll be quick to jump to your defenses, ready to be on the offense.

→ As a result of Rey’s “recon syndrome”, she experiences extreme discomfort that borders on panic when alone. When connected to her, one may feel and understand this better than she ever would due to their empathic bond. Your character may be feeling a need to be connected with another person.
→ Strong familial attachments towards the remaining recon team (namely Firo Prochainezo and William Tsang).


Once the memories start zapping through, characters will begin to experience what Rey has experienced:

Being “born” -- the creation kills its twin. {AM}
→ Sentenced to confinement called Glass House, it is visited by a man who claims he is in love.
He wooed her with wicked words. The death of Jonathan, the man who loved a machine {NETHERLANDS, AM}
Boot camp: Rey’s memory of being a soldier before she became Sergeant Stone. {NETHERLANDS, LYDIA SHEPHERD}
The memory of Sergeant Schmidt, a German soldier.
The memory of Sergeant Sheridan, a soldier from the Defense Forces of Ireland. {LYDIA SHEPHERD}
A night at the opera with Orion Gideon. Rey cries. {L}
Rey opens a body bag which reveals one of her previous vessels. {HIKARU SULU}
→ “Goodnight, Sleepyhead.” (Death and sabotage of Stone.)
The memory of Safronov, a Russian sniper. {HIKARU SULU}
→ After her memories come back, Rey has a meltdown and her father is at the receiving end of it.
Bird Song: One of many of Rey’s episodes of mental instability during her recovery from insanity. {ANNE MARIE CUNNINGHAM}
Don’t worry, it’s only skin: Rey cuts her face up. (tw: self harm) {NETHERLANDS}
→ tl;dr Rey sneaks out and eats at a Chinese restaurant with her brother. (Read as: Pretty much the one pleasant memory of hers I have to offer.
→ General good memories of her time spent with her brother during the four years she had spent living together: Arm wrestling. Racing each other down the streets of future!Chicago, towards a restaurant. Hitting each other (playfully). Getting drunk, which requires a lot of booze.
The memories of Sergeant Schuyler, a Dutch woman from Korps Mariniers, the Marine Corps section of the Royal Netherlands Navy. {NETHERLANDS}

Tranquility Memories:
→ Sending the DUPRR pilot, Russe Neson, into the The White Room.

If anyone wants to share any of these memories from Rey (or if they have a personal preference), hit me up in the plotting thread over here!

Update: Pretty much anything from my Eight Lives page is fair game.
New and improved plotting thread can be found over yonder.

→ Lydia Shepherd
→ Hikaru Sulu

→ Netherlands

→ L
→ Anastasia Romanov
→ Rose Lalonde
→ Tony Stark (616)