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✘ basic info (HADRIEL)





CANONOriginal Novel
SPECIESSynthetic Human
HAIRMahogany, short, hints of graying
EYESBottle green


SCARS Facial. Left side: Cross about an inch under her eye, and another horizontal that comes up from under her chin. Right side: A diagonal scar a couple inches below her other eye, across the side of her forehead, and another vertical one coming up from her chin to her jaw. The scars actually appear to be purposefully inflicted and not accidental.

Bodily: Stab wound in her right shoulder, another across her chest (over one and under her other breast). Various other scars, including a horizontal knife wound in her throat. Deep gash across her lower back.

New: Claw mark dragging across her left shoulderblade.

ACCENT West American (originally constructed in an underground facility below a city called Ashwater, in Washington), though can imitate others. Soft-spoken (almost, dare I say, “cute” sounding), quiet, tends to not use that many words. Usually converses in a monotonous, robotic tone, intentionally avoiding pronouns such as “I” and “me”. However, it has been shown that she drops this exterior in favor of a more personable front depending on her relationship with that person. (Note that she does play up the “dumb robot act” around most people.)

ATTIRE Severe allergy to sleeves (no, not really. But she is adverse to sleeves regardless of the weather). Wears tanktops or sleeveless hooded vests (one is black, one is burgundy). Cargo pants.  Combat boots. Sometimes her armor. Wears dogtags belonging to “R. Schuyler” around her neck (not her real name).

MISCELLANY Calloused hands. 
Cybernetic physiology:  Skeleton is heavier than it would be for the average person of her height and build, causing her to weigh well over 300lbs.
Heart and brain are also cybernetic, allowing for memories to be written, rewritten, and manipulated. Access to her cerebral system is located in an invisible port buried under the skin on the back of her neck, on the spinal column.

MEMORIES Memories were muddled upon arrival. After they were restored, she now has the memories and experience of eight very different, very skilled soldiers over the course of nearly a century.

SOLDIER Military training exceeds well beyond that of the average combat marine: Skills range from long-ranged firearms to melee weapons and close-quarters combat. Specialty lies with automatic and sniper rifles, handguns, bayonets, and combat knives, as well as disarming opponents. Along with basic first aid, she also carries the experience of previous incarnations as highly skilled snipers, soldiers, and special operatives.

With an almost superhuman endurance and equilibrium, Rey’s keen sense of movement allows her to be heavily skilled in being able to run through environments via rolling, dodging, vaulting, and climbing. She also a significantly higher strength and pain threshold than the above average human, which can be obvious from her well-toned physique. As mentioned above, Rey also possesses a bionic physiology. She is made up of fervidium alloy, making her more of a rock than anything. I would place her at around 140 kilograms, due to the alloy.

SALAMANDER Possesses a particular set of skills energy called Brísingamen; this energy supplies her bionic physiology with the ability to function.
Skeletal structure is made up of fervidium alloy, a type of glowing metal that burns up when activated by the Brísingamen energy.
Can unleash heat particles, generating enough to cause any nearby persons as well as herself to burst to flame. Takes on the form of neon red veins pulsating through the parts of the body energy is being applied to. Basically, she’s a walking powerhouse.
Immunity to fire and extreme hot and cold temperatures.
Overexertion may result in overcharging, causing her to burst into flames from which she can only be put out via external sources (i.e. carbon dioxide, extreme cold, large quantity of water).
When utilized it at its fullest capacity (say, the rate it would need to burn a person alive), skin secretes a black, oily substance called samandrine (think of the the oil that keeps a lantern lit). Samandrine can be toxic when ingested, resulting in temporary paralysis and inability to breathe. Do not eat.
Thanks to her bionic structure, she is also built like a tank (hence why she weighs 300lbs). She can get hit by a speeding car and just walk away grumbling about it. She has a pretty high pain threshold.

GENETICS Due to enhanced genetics, she is able to recover quicker from injuries than the average person. While she is unable to regenerate missing limbs or heal scar tissue from major wounds, broken bones and minor scratches and bruises can take between a few hours to a couple days to restore. Moreover, her skin and organs are cloned from the DNA of both her “mother” and “father”, Dr. Undine Stransky and Lucas Coffey. Due to the immortal strain of cells belonging to her father, also known as LUC-x56 or Cleary cells, Rey has a natural ability to heal faster than a human. But due to the mixture of the human and immortal cells, she is not quite the same as her father, and as such her healing has some limitations.

MULTILINGUAL Fluent in English, Spanish, Zulu, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew. Rusty in some Latin phrases.


HOPE'S BLESSING This power can heal anything from small wounds to large ones. It cannot bring people back to life, but it can save them from the brink of death. It can be used to heal both injuries and illnesses. (INACTIVE)

SORROW'S BLESSING This power enhances both perception and logic for a time, enabling the bearer to predict likely outcomes to their own or others' actions. Upon activation, it allows you to notice things you might not normally, as well as boosting your intuition in predicting future possibilities. (ACTIVE)

 Currently training to utilize swords and other weapons found in Rage's arsenal.

(1) Exurosuit
(1) Dogtags belonging to her old self as “Schuyler”
(1) small black backpack
(1) green tanktop
(1) brown cargo pants
(1) pair of combat boots
Casual mentions of military life, war, and having bugs for lunch. PTSD. Violence against men, women, and children. Mutilation and self-mutilation. Suicide.  Self-deprecation. Sexual assault. Religion. Politics. Drugs and alcohol abuse. Horrible table manners and gross eating habits. Check out the permissions page for more detailed warnings.
CANON POINT Book ThreeSeraphim Pinion, Chapter 36: The World is Gonna Change Us.

RESIDENCY Formerly was alone in the two-bedroom apartment in Spire Two, Room 301. Currently living on the First Spiral in House 1401, with Nick Valentine ([personal profile] synthedick). Owns a pet goldfish (now named "Wellingham").

DATE OF BIRTH April 21, 2056.

PARENTS Dr. Undine Stransky (maternal donor); Dr. Lucas Coffey (paternal donor).
SIBLINGS Orion Gideon (genetically related; brother).

SEXUALITY She is very much of the homosexual persuasion. Currently in a relationship with Maketh Tua ([personal profile] mismanagement).

The only certainty was going forward.