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Firo runs his fingers through his hair, trying to ignore the warmth he knows is coming from his face. "Um, thank you." He bobs his head in something like a nod of gratitude, something like simple acknowledgement of her words. "That's... that's good to know."

He leans forward, resting his elbows on the bar. "Confused how?"

Rey's a Smart Person. Not simply intelligent, but one of those people that Firo imagines he could ask any piece of trivia and they'd have the answer. Firo can't really picture her all that confused outside of a conversation about her own humanity.
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When she slouches on the bar, Firo starts, his own posture becoming rigid with alarm as hers goes relaxed. For a moment, he thinks of taking it back and apologizing; plainly this is doing... something to her. But then she finally speaks and he shuts his mouth to listen.

When she finishes on that question, he's still quiet for a moment. The outrage he feels at hearing a friend referred to as a tool had nearly bubbled out of him when he spoke, but now his feelings are too tangled up for him to know what exactly he wants to say. He rights her glass before looking back up at her.

"Maybe they fucked up. Isn't a good thing? You still feel 'em now, so..." He shrugs.

He doesn't realize just yet the implication that Rey may have just admitted to liiiiking someone.
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He winces when she hits her head. Not so much at the sound as just the thought of it. Friend is hurt. That hurts Firo. "Rey. Cut it out."

He taps his fingertips against her forehead, then tries to coax her face up.

It slowly occurs to him that some of the stuff she's saying is awfully specific. While he knows few people from her world, he wonders if nailing down just who this person is will help talk her out of the thought that that person should hate her. "...Who's this, exactly?"
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Seeing her up is better and he settles back in his chair.

Maybe who isn't the right question, considering it sounds like the two of them are tangled up in a pickle much larger than a simple crush. "What happened? With all a' this."

He's surprisingly patient for a Firo, sipping quietly from his glass as he keeps his eyes fixed on her. He will hear this story, but there's no need to rush it out of her just yet. Of course, he doesn't even know how to do that in the first place.
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Immediately, Firo wants to protest that Rey does plenty of things right. But as she speaks, he's stopped with his mouth hanging open.

It's not even the phrase "her wife"--a very odd thing to hear out loud in Firo's time--that gives him pause. Nor is it the fact that Rey killed a woman, because Rey's obviously killed a lot of people; no sense crying over that spilled blood.

But of all the people to fall in love with, it had to be the one related to one of those victims. Damn it, Rey, what is with you and all your regrettable murders?

He scratches his head. "...Okay. So, uh, are you sure she doesn't like you..?"

He never thought he'd be giving anyone love advice. Especially not for a situation as, admittedly, fucked up as this one.
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"Guess that makes sense... Still, where I'm from people'd want revenge either way if you killed one a' their own..."

Wait. That's exactly the opposite of helpful.

He clears his throat as he tries to recover from that misstep. "What exactly did she say? As much as you can remember--no offense, Rey, but I think sometimes you read too much into things."

It's not exactly the phrase he's looking for and that's a good thing because it's less harsh. Though he admittedly hasn't seen her do it too much, he knows Rey is harsh. Therefore, he assumes that she might twist the words to hear what she wants to hear, essentially, which would be awful things about herself.
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Firo pauses, eyebrow raised because... that's just really weird. He's biased towards Rey, of course, but even so he could never imagine saying something that charitable if someone killed the woman he loved. Forgiveness wouldn't be in the question.

He thinks about it for a long moment, he really does.

Unfortunately, Firo isn't the best person to ask on this. With the proper motivation, he can commit pretty bad crimes without blinking an eye. On the other hand, he thinks little of lugging around guilt that may or may not be deserved for years. It's just how it is. "You could forget all about it. I'm serious. I know you don't like that stuff, but..." He shrugs and takes a drink.

"You're not gonna fix anything by hatin' yourself now. Not for either of you. I mean, maybe she'd feel better if somethin' happened to you, but then I'd have to go and kill her and I don't think you want that."
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"C'mon, talkin' about it like that--" He waves his hand vaguely, but he means to refer to her simile. "--just makes it more confusing."

He's doing his best, he almost wants to add, but he thinks that bringing up how bad he is at people and their emotions wouldn't really help her right now.

"Anyway... I don't think it's like that." He thinks of Maiza, hating himself all those years. Firo and all the Martillos still love him. He thinks of Ennis, still regretting all she's done. Firo and all the Martillos and Czes and Isaac and Miria still love her.

...And though he tries not to, he thinks of the little feral child he used to be, the one who never even thought about being okay with himself. Somehow, the Martillos loved him too.

He taps his fingers on the bar and shifts in his seat, both trying to organize his thoughts and to distance himself from that one.

"...Maybe people can't always give that to you if you don't like yourself, but... I think sometimes gettin' it from someone else first helps."
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He shakes his head. "But that's what I mean--you don't need to do anything, it just kinda... comes to you."

Fills you right up, if he were comfortable enough to borrow the metaphor.

He sighs and looks off to the side. Who is he kidding? How can he help her when he's still so confused about how he even got to a place where he could love people?

"...I know it's stupid. But I think you've got some people like that, even if they're not her, so... Maybe you can use us to fake it?"

There's him here and Orion at her home, at least. That's a start and honestly more than Firo would've found likely.
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Hey, she seems interested. Firo takes this as a good sign, even though he's actually not entirely sure how to go about this.

He scratches his head and shrugs. "Well... Okay, so, she doesn't like you bein' all down on yourself, right? So whenever you're gonna say somethin', think about if me or your brother'd get mad at you for it. And if we would, don't say it."

That sounds slightly better than he thought it would, though he still knows there must be something more he could recommend.
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Rey assumes the worst about herself. News at 11.

Firo can't help but grin a little in amusement. "Hey, I think what you just said there wasn't all that bad... Try another on me, okay? And don't you dare shut up forever."

He never thought he'd be saying those words to someone. But he really does enjoy their chats and would be sad if they couldn't have them.
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Firo gives her a mock pout at her imaginary zipper. Bro, please.

"What?" He shakes his head, but looks up smiling a moment later. "...I guess I should be glad, huh?"

But it's almost worse if it's so ingrained that that stuff just leaks out, isn't it?

He almost feels bad reviving their tired old debate, but it's the best example. He straightens in his seat and looks her dead in the eyes. "Well, don't say anything about not bein' human, to start."
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He sighs. "Whaddaya mean 'that again'?" Even though Firo knows perfectly well that feeling of dismay that comes when someone revives a problem that you thought or hoped they'd decided to leave alone.

"I'm tellin' you, it's still important. And if you don't want her to think you hate yourself, it's a damn good place to start."

As he finishes, he realizes that he may also be speaking for his own sake as well as Faye's. Though he promised her a little while ago that they wouldn't yell and argue like he thought they had to after her little 'lookit me, I'm the traitor' stunt on the network, this isn't something that they can let slip.


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